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Bienvenidos! Welcome back.  My apologies for not working last week.  Hopefully it will be up and running again soon. EN CLASE:  Today in class 1)we worked some more with the classroom items vocabulary. 2) We corrected the homework on gender, number, and articles 3) We practiced speaking using the correct articles 4) We started learning colors HOMEWORK:  Due Oct 2 1) On watch the video and answer the questions on "Colors" 2) Answer the questions on the practice handout ("color agreement" in my links on the webpage) using the correct form of the colors indicated 3) Practice En Clase + Colores on  We have a vocab quiz on them next week.
Posted by HagedornC  On Sep 24, 2017 at 4:50 PM
¡Hola!  Hope you're enjoying Español :)  Keep up on your vocab.... working on it for at least 40 minutes a week.  If you know the new stuff, review some older terms, too. EN CLASE:  1) We finished notes on different pronunciation of letters in Spanish  2) We performed skits to used the greetings we learned last week on quizlet.  3) We took a pop quiz on The expressions Sra H will be using in class.  4) We were introduced to new vocabulary that included items in the class room (see the attached vocab list).  5) We practiced the letters and class items with a speaking activity with partners. HOMEWORK:  1) Please review En la Clase vocab on  This site will again mark how much time you spend on it.  Anything over 30 minutes is an A in participation/effort.  2) Please watch and answer the videos on that were assigned.  BE CAREFUL of the order (a) plurals (b) gender (c) articles .... this will make it easier to grasp.  3) After watching the videos, do the worksheet handed out in class and on my website links.
Posted by HagedornC  On Sep 18, 2017 at 2:48 PM 1 Comment
¡Bienvenidos to Spanish A! TODAY EN CLASE: 1) We created our Interactive Spanish Notebooks.  This will be our Spanish Book this year in Class.  Please bring it with you weekly... it will count as as a participation points in class.  It will be your main resource for things that we learn in class and notes and practice that you do.  It will contain lecture notes and vocabulary lists. It will contain worksheets and charts too that you will want available when studying. 2) We learned how to understand Sra H when she speaks only Spanish in the class!  How observing gestures and guessing and listening for common words will be able help you learn Spanish faster. 3) We signed up and created Usernames and Login for our Spanish websites that we will be using regularly for weekly practice and homework.  These sites are designed to monitor your usage which will be translated into participation points.  They are also very important to use so that you are ready for the fun interactive activities we will be doing in class.  They also are a great way to memorize Spanish words. HOMEWORK (Due: 18 Sept 2017) 1) Watch the ABC video on and answer the questions while you are watching. 2) Practice Vocab on  (you will have to sign up on my class site first --- the links are available on my Webpage) The two sections you should be focusing on are "Saludos y Desperdidas" and "Expresiones Utiles en Clase".  Please spend around and hour (spread out throughout the week) on these two sections.  We will be doing skits in Class that will use the words you are working with on this Website.
Posted by HagedornC  On Sep 11, 2017 at 2:54 PM