Enroll Today!

To enroll at Lynden Academy, first schedule an appointment with Scott Vandenberg, our school principal, to discuss your situational needs and determine which branch of our program is best for you.  You will at that time be able to begin the online enrollment process with the help of the secretaries in the main office. 
Families already enrolled in the Lynden School District will need to work in cooperation with their school counselors and Mr. Vandenberg to find the best fit and ensure a smooth transition for everyone.
Families outside the Lynden School District will need to complete an Out of District Transfer Form.
Our role as a parent partnership program is to work with you supporting the education of your children, while recognizing the fact that learning begins at home. Families concerned about retaining their status as home-based learners may opt to enroll at a part-time status. 
If you would like to receive more information, please contact us at 354-6675.